Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Vintage Trailer Graphics

ms d 006


I just received my graphics for the trailer and have been waiting to put them on….


ms d 004


But everyday has been like this…..cold and oh, so windy.


ms d 001


It seemed like it should be a whole lot warmer if I was going to put vinyl on metal siding….as in my vintage trailer.  So I put it off, day after day.


  ms d 006

Until today… and I was nervous…you only get once chance…right? I measured, I centered, I taped, I cut….no, I didn’t cut the letter, just the long sheet of letters, in half.  Anyway, with the uneven surface, it was a slow going process, just press and peal very carefully.  It was very easy and I love how it turned out. 

ms d 010 


ms d 007


And down in the corner….my sister number!  Yay, and there are over 3800 sisters now, we are just amazing!  It is all about the fun and growing in more ways than we can dream.


ms d 022

Meanwhile, Amelia, found the Secret Garden and the sun!  I found her snoozing.

 ms d 026

It was so warm, I just sat down and enjoyed the sun on my face, too. 


  ms d 013


ms d 017


It was a really good day, lunch with a friend, a little more birthday celebration and some little accomplishments.


  ms d 027

Warm weather is coming….





  1. Your trailer graphics are perfect, Karen!! Good job. I am hoping to get a little sun on my face today....but it's awfully cloudy this morning.

    Have a great day!!

  2. Great job on the graphics! Loved your pictures this morning. Have a good day and I am wishing you lots of warmth and sunshine.

  3. The decals came out great! I bet you can't wait to take it on the road again.

  4. I say perfect and great job! Ahh, sun give me more!!! Today we are suppose to be in the seventies. I hope the weatherman is right. I hope your celebration and great days continue, hugs!!

  5. It's perfect and it looks fabulous. The sun always feels so good except when it is so hot...in the 90s here today. Enjoy your warm weather.

  6. Your graphics look great Karen..Good job...

  7. The perfect touch! Love it! So glad you are getting the warmer weather now. It feels so good to be outside!!!

  8. I can't believe there are 3800 sisters. That's crazy cool! The graphics are perfect and I love Amelia ;)

  9. Your graphics turned out perfect! I think you camping trailer has to be one of my favorites! I just love it!


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