Monday, May 27, 2013

Homage to Our Brave Soldiers

civil war 118


I got the privilege to see a Civil War Re-enactment this Memorial weekend in Deep Creek, WA.

civil war 005


It was a lovely cool day, in a beautiful setting.  Lots of tents were setup, just like homes during the Civil War times.  Entire families lived in these over the weekend. 


civil war 009


In fact, they do this several times a year.


civil war 013


In full regalia.


 civil war 019


Here is my childhood girl friend, Phyllis with her friend, Jim, who plays many hats, as sheriff,  judge, post master, scout, etc.


civil war 020


And she’s no angel, she pulls a small pistol against a very surprised governor.


  civil war 027


In the end a duel takes place and the governor is shot.


 civil war 029


And the culprit pays.


civil war 035



civil war 034



civil war 064



civil war 066



civil war 040


There is always lots going on at the postmasters.  Actually, there was a trail going on….of sorts.


 civil war 036


civil war 051


The first 3-D movies, the only ‘entertainment’ in those days. 


civil war 045


civil war 054


This housewife is picking up the mail.


civil war 059

This young man came with his family to visit the re-enactment….dressed for the time frame. 

civil war 060


Some families brought entire bedroom sets.


civil war 062


Since this post is getting so long, I will continue with some more pictures later.  Thanks for stopping by. 



  1. What fun Karen! What great photos too! Sky looked so pretty!!!!!
    xo Kris

  2. Thanks for sharing. The photos were awesome.


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