Friday, June 7, 2013

More Farm Chicks Weekend Glamping

Farmchicks 118


Are you bored yet?  Ha!  I bet not.  Here is another fun example of vintage trailer glamping in the great Northwest!  Our Ms. Juli’s sure knows how to deck it out!


 Farmchicks 115


This is Denise’s sweet little Shasta Compact, she and her husband redo vintage trailers and have four others in the works.


 Farmchicks 116 


Farmchicks 120 


Everyone wants a shiny vintage Bambi, Air Stream….and this one is a beauty!

 Farmchicks 121



Farmchicks 122


This little cutie is a Mercury.  I grew up camping in one and was so disappointed that I didn’t get to see the inside of this one.  So many went to the Farm Chicks show and were gone all day.  Maybe next time. 


Farmchicks 124 


Farmchicks 125 


 Farmchicks 127  


Farmchicks 128 


Don’t you just love the turquoise? 


Farmchicks 145


Don’t you love that cute little ruffle?


 Farmchicks 146 


Farmchicks 148 


Farmchicks 149


Wait, where am I?  Is this an oasis? 

Farmchicks 151


What’s this….why another fabulous Air Stream! 


Farmchicks 152 


Farmchicks 155


A vintage kerosene heater and matching vintage trailer.


 Farmchicks 160 


Farmchicks 175


Heather’s three plate folding tray, with her new crocheted dolly. 


Farmchicks 181


Here are a few of us, dressed for our dining experience in the woods on Saturday night.


  Farmchicks 189 


Farmchicks 188


Everyone gets in on the act! Blondes become brunettes….. 


Farmchicks 029


but for sure, everyone had a wonderful time.  We are now gearing up for the NW gathering in Long Beach, WA. starting later this month.  Looking forward to seeing you there.



  1. Will never get tired of your postings, love looking at all the campers and the fun you gals have.

    Its the next best thing to having one...

    Keep them comin'.

  2. Thank you for posting. I so enjoy viewing all the beautiful trailers and all the special things. The area is perfect for such an outing. Have a great weekend.

  3. You all look like you're having way too much to be legal. Love all those vintage beauties. The horse in the first picture is adorable!

  4. I just love your postings and look forward to the next one. Creativity abounds for sure.

  5. I can't decide if I want a nice shiny silver number, or if I want one I can paint custom. But for sure I'm on the lookout for a tutu in my size.


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