Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Over the Mountains and Through the Woods….

sotf nw 2013 001


…to the Ocean, to the Sea…yes, we did it! I know you have been anticipating lots of pictures and the real scoop, on our glamping trip to Long Beach, WA.  Sorry, but it has been totally crazy around here, since I got back on Monday.


sotf nw 2013 022


Gorgeous scenery at every turn! 


sotf nw 2013 023


Some of it was even a little nerve wracking. 


sotf nw 2013 028


Excuse my blurry shots, it’s hard to take shots when you are driving (don’t do THIS at home!)!  Yes, there was snow in them thar hills….White Pass to be exact.


 sotf nw 2013 029



sotf nw 2013 030


Nothing like the open road! 


sotf nw 2013 035


We finally found our first night’s home in Randall, WA, on our way to the Pacific Ocean at Long Beach. 


sotf nw 2013 039


Nothing like the Great Northwest…I love the canopy!


 sotf nw 2013 044


After eight hours of driving, some even found the time to do a little glamping!


 sotf nw 2013 050


Heading out again the next morning, we again found rain.


 sotf nw 2013 052


The rain made for some beautiful skies!


sotf nw 2013 054


I know you are anxious to see our arrival at Long Beach and all the fantastic glampers and all our fun activities.  I will try and do my best to wet your appetite this week.


I am heading out to Seattle, my old home town, on Friday to celebrate my Mom’s 90th birthday, so I won’t be able to share much until next week. 




  1. I didn't know you were from Seattle! I was born there and lived there until I was 6 but then moved to Enumclaw.
    I look forward to pics but no pressure- oky?

    Happy birthday to your mom! ♥

  2. Now that is scary driving those mountain roads with all the screen holding up the rocks..

    I will be waiting to see your photos.

    Have a safe trip.

  3. Oh how I love that part of our great country and your pictures brought back memories. Cant wait to see all the others. Enjoy being with your Mom on her birthday.

  4. Just beautiful and wish we had some of that coolness in my area as the temperatures they are arising. Can't wait to see the other photos. Hope you had a great time at the birthday party.

  5. Fun, fun Karen! Great pictures and can't wait to see more!


  6. Great shots, Karen. So funny, I zoomed in on your first picture to see the slogan on the trailer and it said, "Always take the scenic route". You sure did!

  7. What beautiful scenery! Loved the photos!

  8. Love the pics! Loved the pics of the Farm Chicks gathering too! Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos!
    Happy Trails my farmgirl friend!


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