Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Appaloosa Museum Auction

appaloosa trip 070 


 I spent the weekend at the Appaloosa Museum’s annual auction and trail rides in Deary, Idaho.  The Museum is in Moscow, Idaho.


appaloosa trip 007


Here’s Juli’s (our hostess) trailer, a sweet vintage Airstream. 


appaloosa trip 014 


 appaloosa trip 005


We even had our own Splash Zone!


appaloosa trip 074


I love being with Mother Nature!


 appaloosa trip 008


Mig and I were nestled in among the trees.


appaloosa trip 062


Here she is listening to live music.


 appaloosa trip 031


What fun, we had!


appaloosa trip 064


Fabulous sunsets, after very hot days. 



  1. Looks like a nice place and I am sure it was lots of fun too.

  2. I saw a glamper at Rosuers in Moscow yesterday and wondered if it was one from your group. :)

    1. I know several gals from that area so I am sure it was someone I know. Can you describe the trailer?

    2. It was the one with the travel saying on the back- can't remember how it goes.

  3. Oh Karen, you must get so sick of hearing me say it, but OH HOW I WOULD LOVE to do this too!!!!! One day......The pics are always so fun to see. I love the one of the splash zone. And the last one, with trees, sun setting, and trailer softly lit, is just wonderful!!!!

  4. Wonderful pictures, wonderful memories. Lucky You!!!

  5. So jealous of the fun times you all must have..Love the airstream..

  6. Okay- I think the trailer I saw belongs to a gal near me in Princeton. Do you know if she has a blog? I so want to meet some of these local ladies!

    1. We would love to meet you anytime....I don't know where Princeton is but I bet there is a sister near you. Tell me the colors of her trailer and I think I might be able to figure out who it is.

    2. I am heading out again tomorrow...I will get back to you. Tell me some local towns and I will let you know who is near you.

  7. Her trailer is white and blue and it has the road less traveled saying on the back. Princeton is 2 towns away from Moscow. Others towns nearest to me are Troy, Deary, Potlatch ID and then Pullman Washington is right over the border.

  8. Yes, that trailer is from Potlatch and belongs to Debbie Dawes, she is a grade school teacher. I have been running around with her quite a bit this year. She is a ton of fun.


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