Friday, August 2, 2013

Girl Camp

Girl Camp 13 043


Mig Whitt, Sherry Hansen, Julie Pierce and Carolyn Cox (left to right), modeling the lovely western wear shirts sent to me by Mary Jane Bigler.  All the girls wished me to say how much they loved them and appreciated your kindness!


  Girl Camp 13 036 


I just love all the little glamping details!  Love that cute bag, Debbie D.  You just notched up your glamping routine! 


Girl Camp 13 037


Love that fish on the hitch!!


 Girl Camp 13 091


This red wig sure did make the rounds!


 Girl Camp 13 060 



Girl Camp 13 101


I thoroughly enjoyed every minute!


Girl Camp 13 115


Julie Burkhart primping in the Mother Ship’s rearview mirror.  Love it!


  Girl Camp 13 144 (600x800)


Sherry Hansen in front of Elk River falls. 


Girl Camp 13 148


Girl Camp 13 151 (600x800)




When I found this outfit in a thrift store at Long Beach, WA, at the Sisters on the Fly NW Gathering, I knew I had to have it for Juli’s 60th Birthday Party!  And it fits. 




Here’s the sixties outfit I wore on Saturday night. 




  1. You all just have tooooo much fun! Love seeing the pictures.

  2. The only thing wrong with this post , is that we weren't all there with you, but we are enjoying it now through this post. Talk about a fun time, you girls really know how to party :)
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)
    P.S. great outfits :)

  3. This is totally a hoot! I love your beehive hairdo... Oh to have that much fun!!

  4. Karen, I am so jealous- It looks like you girls had SOOO much fun. I don't have nearly enough girl time...none anymore really. LOVE that 60's fun! xo Diana

  5. Luv it! Happy glampy trails...

  6. Ya'll just have to much fun..Love the outfit and the matching nails..

  7. The shirts look so cute on the gals! Glad they are enjoying them and welcome! Looks like you all had a blast out of the past and Happy Birthday to Julie! Karen, you look ADORABLE in that mod dress! Just like a model!



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