Friday, September 27, 2013

Autumn Arrives

Kelso 070


The last vestiges of Summer.


Kelso 065



Kelso 076



Kelso 057


Autumn has arrived.


 Kelso 082



Kelso 168


Autumn beauty is everywhere, waiting to be found.


 Kelso 111


Some surprises too!  Ever seen a mushroom this color?


 Kelso 038


I am not sure why I was fascinated by this boat but I was. 


Kelso 127


This soup mix could be a famous painting…..I love the colors. 


Kelso 012



Kelso 148


I think I might make some of these pictures into notecards this winter. 


Have a great weekend!


  1. You definitely have the "artist's eyes". These photos are fabulous!

  2. The "soup mix" would make a great note card..The boat must be some deep seeded yearning... Have a great weekend

  3. Beautiful pictures and I love fall like you do...wish it stayed around longer.

  4. Very calming. Love the photos. Thanks for sharing. Here, in Arizona, the weather is finally cooling off. Not quite autumn yet but cool enough to be outside in the early a.m. and time 4 planting those lovely flowers. Have a great week.

  5. Your pictures are always stunning!


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