Monday, January 6, 2014

Back to the Past

Girl Camp 13 262 (800x472)


Six months ago, it was the Sixties all over again in Elk River, Idaho!  (That’s me in the beehive blonde short hair.) 


Girl Camp 13 176 (600x800) (400x534)


Some real blasts from the past!


 Girl Camp 13 050 (800x696)


Blondes were all the rage!  Some even have real blonde hair!


  Girl Camp 13 235 (800x684)


Then we even had a red head or two.


 Girl Camp 13 236 (600x800)


A visiting celebrity or two.


 Girl Camp 13 170 (577x800) 





Of Course, I wasn’t satisfied dressing up just once.


I am missing my fellow Girl Campers and our fun in the sun.



  1. How much fun can one group of women have? What an adventure you all had. You look fab in your flower power jump suit.

  2. 6 months ago, it was a whole lot warmer Karen..Cute jumpsuit..

  3. You gals really know how to have fun!! Summer will be here before you know it and then you and Miss Daisy will be off on all sorts of adventures!!

  4. Karen, that looks like it was such a good time. The 60's were ok!
    Nancy Jo

  5. Looks like ya'll have SO much fun......making memories!
    I made a memory in your sweet town yesterday morning!!! I came all the way from Loosiana and had breakfast at the Zips in your town....memories!!

  6. Hey there! I was visiting your blog last night then had to leave the computer before I could post. I get so jealous when I see you gals having so much fun with your campers. Girl, where did you get that jumpsuit!!

    How is the feathered gang and Dash? Hope they are all okay and the cold has not been to hard on them or you.

    WE have hawks living in back of us in a tree, I have been keeping an eye on the nest to see when they will come back to it. Seems they do not like the squirrels in this location... I do not know why, the squirrels are fat one.

    Cant wait to see more photos of your trips this year with the campers. I live out my dream of having one via youg blog.

    GOD keep you all safe!!


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