Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Things are Greening Up

plants 019


Inside, of course….. 


plants 017


As expected…..still snow outside, and as a matter of fact, it is snowing again, right now.


 600_329794062 (1)


Yesterday, I took advantage of the little snow we had and went out snowshoeing with my Ms. Adventures group.  It has been a long time since I could get out, as my back has been bad for many weeks.  It is precarious but I still had a blast.  I so love being ‘out of doors’.  (That’s me on the far right…silly grin!)


plants 021


I found this lovely leather case at the thrift store recently.  It appears to hold an IPad or Kindle with lots of spaces for business/credit cards….all nice thick leather…unused……less than $3.


So how was that for an eclectic post? 


  1. I love it I have not gotten on my snowshoes all winter more snow coming in so maybe I will get a chance.

  2. Happy to hear your back is better and you are able to get outdoors. With all this snow and ice, I'm missing my walks. boohoo

  3. That snow looks so cold. Sorry to hear that you have been having back problems. Hope they are getting better. The leather case is an awesome find. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day.

  4. I've never been on snowshoes but in two weeks I'm off with a group of gals to "try". I'll be up on Mt. Bachelor staying at a 140 yrs old lodge, should be fun. Love the leather case you found. I'm sure you will find something super creative to use it for. My poor house plants have a short life. I forget to water, bad, bad!!! Hopefully that back behaves and you can get outside a little more. Hugs!!

  5. You are such an adventurous gal!! Love that you do all that you do! If I lived in a snowy area such as yours, I know that I would be feeling housebound and need to get out regardless of the weather!
    That leather case is beautiful! See...you do find great things in your thrift stores!!!! Good shopper!
    xo Kris

  6. WOW, now that looks cold but you look like you are having fun sore back and all. Love the photos of green, I cant wait to start planting this year as we did not have time last, we were moving in the new place. I cant wait for spring!!!
    stay warm and keep those feather and fur warm as well.

  7. I belong to the same group although I haven't tried snow shoeing. Did you rent snowshoes to try it out or just go ahead and buy them. I'm thinking about it. Hope your back held up!!

    1. My back did great. I had a blast. The leader of this particular group has snow shoes she will loan out or you can rent some at REI. Come join us...when the weather is a bit warmer. We go to Mt. Spokane every Thursday now. Beginner group.

  8. I chuckled when I saw the title of this post...cuz my Spokane friend sent me pics of her yard and it's ankle deep in snow...and I'm thinking, Whoa! they grow green grass in the snow up there????!!!! Heheheh.

  9. Ok my mouth fell open thinking how is it possible you've got green..... you trickster!

  10. I just took a 'Beginning Snowshoe' class through the senior section of the community college last Saturday at Mirabeau Meadows. Perfect day (though cold) and the sun was shining on the sparkling snow. Rented the snow shoes from Sports Authority in the Spokane Valley for $10/day. I learned a lot about what kind of binding I would prefer and am glad that I rented.
    Great exercise and something different!

  11. Random for sure..I wish I'd had snow shoes this AM..

  12. How fun to go out showshoeing with a group of friends! I'm getting myself a pair before next winter. In fact, I should be looking for a sale right about now. Looks like a beautiful day!


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