Thursday, April 17, 2014

Glamping Vintage Style

kennewick 080


Trailer Trash Trixie, is nothing like her name…..


kennewick 070


She’s as sweet as she can be.


kennewick 073


It seems she changes every time I see her.  Look at that lovely quilt made from vintage fabrics….those adorable pillows!


kennewick 074


Everything in this beautiful vintage trailer has been restored by it’s owners, Denise and Ben.  They are both incredibly creative, when it comes to restoration and vintage.  They just started a few years ago and are now hooked on restoring vintage trailers. 


kennewick 076


Try not to ask how many they have. 


kennewick 075


Every detail has Denise’s touch. 


kennewick 079




kennewick 077




kennewick 072


What’s behind the crescent moon?  You can guess, I’m sure.


 kennewick 081




kennewick 024


Isn’t it adorable?  Ben, had just whipped out that cute fence, to corral those cute pink flamingos, just the day before our trip.


 kennewick 078


Now wasn’t that one of the cutest trailers you have ever seen?



  1. They have done a fantastic job on this little gem! So some do have a head? Or at least a porta potty. I could live with that. I would have an absolute ball thrifting to outfit a new/vintage trailer! What fun!!!
    xo Kris

  2. That is a GREAT little glamper and I LOVE her name! Popping by to check it out. It is just too adorable. If you get the chance pop by my blog. I have a nice little giveaway going on. xo Diana

  3. It's adorable and always about the details.

  4. I love Denise's trailer to pieces! I remember her other trailer too. Sweet details everywhere! I spy the cute little pattern magnet she bought from my Etsy shop a while back! Thanks for sharing! xox

  5. Karen, you are so right! That is one of the cutest trailers that I have ever seen. Some people are so talented at putting together these little vignettes :)

  6. Ok, you got me....I have trailer envy again!!!

  7. Karen
    It is adorable.
    I love the old-fashioned scalloping...

  8. I am on ENVY OVERLOAD!!! I would gladly pay Denise & Ben a Gazillion dollars to re-vamp my Serro Scotty... if only I had a Gazillion dollars! lol!
    I have alway's loved her little Aloha... from early on to now! hugz

  9. Priceless trailer! SO cute all glamped up. I just love her farmgirl style.


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