Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Creative Bug..

dishcloths 012 (800x796)


I’ve wasted most of the winter with projects sitting all around me.  It’s just been the last few weeks that I have felt like doing them.


dishcloths 010


I started with just regular dishcloths and then got carried away.  I had a lot of fun with these ruffled ones. 


dishcloths 003



dishcloths 006 (624x800)


Of course, they had to go into my Etsy Shop, at least some of them.  Others, I have saved for gifts. 



  1. I LOVE your color choices, Karen. Those are really sweet and perfect for gifts! xo Diana

  2. So pretty Karen, love the fresh colors too.

  3. I still use the ones you sent me years ago!! Seriously...that was a long time ago!! My how time flies!

  4. I love the ruffled ones Karen! I make them too, but knit. I use them every day!
    xo Kris


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