Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Mexican Mermaid Party

mig's 132


Don’t you just love this orange and white Shasta trailer?  It is one year newer than mine….they look very similar, although, this one is in mint condition after a revamp.


 mig's 030


Here’s mine on the right…..a 69 Shasta 1400.


mig's 065




mig's 067




mig's 025




mig's 097




mig's 098


I just adore the colors inside Lisa’s 1970 Shasta!


 mig's 099



  mig's 101


I just love this….what a gorgeous punch of color!


 mig's 085


Can’t beat yellow and purple! 


mig's 054


Sylvia's Run Amuck, poses with a moose head on the side. 


mig's 087


Love this cabin look. 


mig's 089


mig's 090 


mig's 095


mig's 058


Here’s Linda’s trailer with her new home made awning.


mig's 069 



mig's 068


Her table is missing because of a mishap, just before I entered….needs some repair. 


mig's 072


This is Linda’s new ceiling…would you believe painted wallpaper?  It looks awesome. 


mig's 053 



mig's 076


We were in good company. 


mig's 102


The scenery was great. 


mig's 111




mig's 121


The food was even better!  We had a Chef demonstration by Mig’s husband Mark.  He made us a fabulous breakfast! And then Fish Tacos with Margaritas for dinner.  We got spoiled!


mig's 104


Cinnamon Swirl Coffee Cake in a Dutch oven.


 mig's 130 



mig's 137


Debbie’s trailer has an outdoor fishing motif.


 mig's 142



mig's 141



mig's 157


Of course, we all dressed up for the Mexican Mermaid Birthday party….Happy Birthday, Mig (center). 


mig's 153




mig's 165













Yep, that’s me Poseidon! 









  1. It looks like so much fun!
    I love all of the trailers too.

  2. Loved your costume....You are so funny!! Great trailer tour!!

  3. Thanks for sharing. Loved all the colors of the trailers. The costumes were amazing. Such talent. And, to be so lucky to have a chef. WOW. You all were in heaven!

  4. I love seeing all of these trailers and they are so creative. AND, how I love a good mermaid b-day party.....with fish tacos AND margaritas!

  5. You "girls" sure know how to have FUN!!!

  6. Love seeing all the vintage trailers and your group having so much fun. Great costumes!

  7. and I see you brought a little bit of me to the camp-out... (pot of lavender)...
    Oh such fun!

  8. Oh What Fun, Karen. I just love all the pictures and looking at each little detail. What a perfect getaway!!! xo Diana

  9. Awesome pictures Karen!!! Such colorful trailers! Glad you had a wonderful time! Hugs, Maryjane


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