Monday, June 9, 2014

Farm Chicks 2014

farm chicks 020


It was a glorious weekend, perfect weather, wonderful friends and lots of relaxing by the Spokane River, at Riverside State Park.

 farm chicks 168


There was two dozen of us and our vintage trailers.  We got to meet some brand new sisters, which is always so exciting! 


farm chicks 044



  farm chicks 005 


I just had to bring my new rusty chandelier and some snowballs from my yard! 


farm chicks 134 


 farm chicks 023


I think I hauled everything I owned. 


farm chicks 021


I am never alone in that!

 farm chicks 018 



farm chicks 054



farm chicks 053



farm chicks 143



farm chicks 048



farm chicks 042



farm chicks 144



farm chicks 058


farm chicks 026


Here is one of the cutest trailers remodels ever.  Shanty Shack has a beach theme and it such beautiful colors. 


farm chicks 033 






farm chicks 035


farm chicks 037


farm chicks 039


Sherry did an awesome job on this remodel! 


I will have more pictures of some more beautiful pictures later….see you soon.



  1. Beautiful Pictures Karen, Great job! I think all of your stuff by your trailer looks fabulous too. It was great to camp with you sister! Love you! Mig.

  2. Oh sighhh... so wish I could have been there this year... but in July the rest of the 'posse' (including Patty, Marie & me) will be all together again! Happy Trails!

  3. The photos are awesome. Thanks for sharing. It is surely a lot cooler there than it is here as we are hitting 109 today. The water looks so inviting. Loved all the different trailers.

  4. Such beautiful surroundings! Hope you had a blast!

  5. Some day in my next life I will get a vintage trailer.
    it looks like so much fun.

  6. How I love your weekend re-caps!!! and love when you take us along with you thru your great pics! I have the same doormat outside my lakehouse as yours outside your camper! Some of yur pics didn't come thru....:(
    The polka dot one?? so cute

  7. Oh- I am SOOOO jealous. What a wonderful weekend with some awesome friends- Lucky you and lucky them! xo Diana

  8. I wish that I was there! I have an Aloha just like the one in the photo. I would love to get in touch with the other Sister who has the one with blue and white dots.

  9. Shanty Shack is just adorable..Great job..Looks like you had a beautiful weekend..

  10. Amazing!!! How I wish one of my trailers was there last weekend. Next year...for sure!


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