Saturday, September 27, 2014

Camping Season…

karen's kamp 083


…is slowing winding down here in Washington.  The nights are very cool and the days are just perfect…in the mid 70’s, with some clouds.


karen's kamp 091


The sunsets are always lovely but super short.  I really hate that it is getting dark for early.


karen's kamp 092


But not to worry, I am heading out to White Bird, ID this next week to enjoy the beautiful weather on the Salmon River, where it will be a bit warmer.  I plan to winter my trailer down there in November, so I can enjoy the little ‘banana belt’ down there, during our dark and dreary days up here in Eastern Washington. 


  1. Enjoying time in the, "banana belt", sounds divine to me!

  2. So glad to here you are going to camp during the winter!! Love seeing pics from the winter camping in ID. One more trip for me next weekend and the season is over, Boo Hoo! But it will be a bang up trip with 40+ gals at Belknap Hot Springs!! Bring on the pool games!

  3. Similar weather here Karen I just love fall sunrises and sunsets. They are usually beautiful. I wish we could have fall forever. Enjoy your Sunday.


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