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Shasta Trailer Remodel...Looking Back

ms daisy 018


It’s hard to believe this is what ‘Driving Ms. Daisy’ looked like when I brought her home in October of 2010, from Post Falls, Idaho. 


farm chicks 007 (800x600)


Here she is at Farm Chicks this last June.  She finally has her wings (she is after all a Shasta!) and her new paint job.




This is the before interior of the front of the trailer.  Now isn’t this just ugly?




Don’t you love the curtains?  Sheesh!  No fridge, and such an ugly light over the sink, I nearly hit my head on it, as it stuck out about a foot.


 ms daisy 015


I got the primer out….and went to town getting her cleaned up in May of 2011.


 miss 029


In the mean time, I found the fabrics that inspired my color scheme and made new curtains for all the windows.  Don’t you love that couch cushion with it?  Ha! 




I was not a fan of blonde paneling, so being a retired painting contractor, I decided to use a couple of my favorite colors together, red and turquoise.  So when I found the fabric with those colors and yellow, I went for it.  I added yellow to it as I was never a fan of this color and decided to ‘get over it’!


ms daisy 012


This certainly lightened things up in here.


 ms d 002


Lots of coats but I sure was having fun. 


ms d 006



ms daisy and v 002


I ripped out the newer linoleum that was just laying on top of the original vinyl.  And decided to use it even though it was far from perfect.


  ms d chicks 027


I redid the area where the original icebox would have been (it had been recently redone to fit a microwave) so I could fit in a dorm fridge.  I used some original metal trim from another trailer to trim it out.


 ms d chicks 030


I had the stove powder coated in red, getting rid of the 1968 avocado.  Never was a fan of that color. 


flowers and Ms D 009


I used some old light fixtures from a 1957 Aljo and painted them to match the new interior. 


flowers and Ms D 025


I found other accessories to add more splashes of red.  I love that paper towel holder….it matches the circles in my curtains, so, of course, I had to paint it, too!


sotf 011


My first outing was Farm Chicks 2011.  I was so nervous but since it was only about a half hour from my house….it was a perfect first time.


 trailer 004


These were some of the photos featured in MaryJane’s Farm magazine.


trailer 005 



sotf 005 (461x640)


I’ve had so much fun decorating.


 sotf 012 (480x640)




DSCN4586-001 (640x523)


I hope you all enjoyed seeing the befores and afters of Driving Ms. Daisy.  It is an ongoing fun venture, she is constantly changing.  I have recently taken all the Mexican stuff out and just gone….kitschy.


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  1. This is one of my very favorite trailers and the before/after pics inspire me. Clara is going to be decked out in her new blue/green in 2015. Thanks K!!

  2. Thank you Karen. Just beginning the process so this is helpful, and of course it's always fun to see before and after pictures. My appliances are the avocado color, but I happen to like it so will be working with it. Glad you tackled the yellow issue as she looks faaaabulous!

  3. Oh how adorable! I love the little L-shaped kitchen, I've never seen that layout before! I have a 1967 Scotsman that my dad and I made over two summers ago. You can see it here if you are interested: You'll have to scroll down through a few posts to see the inside.


  4. I really enjoyed following along with you for Driving Ms. Daisy's amazing transformation. She's still going strong and looking better than every. Love all those pops of red! Thanks Karen for sharing her over at Vintage Inspiration Party.

  5. Always one of my favorite trailers. I still keep my eye out for one of my own!

  6. Simply awesome. Love the red, my favorite color!

  7. So cute!! You've done an awesome job making her your own! What is that box under the paper towel roll? Looks so cute!

    I was at that Farm Chicks weekend in 2011....with my friend from Spokane, Small world, eh?!

    1. The box is separate containers for flour tea, coffee etc. and I use them all. It's a great storage place and I found it at an antique mall.

  8. What a fabulous redo for your Ms. Daisy. I so enjoy reading your posts about your sweet trailer and the sister get togethers.
    Thanks for sharing!

  9. Love to see the start to finish on your gal! You did such a great job on her Karen!!!

  10. Super post! Loved seeing the process of blah to beautiful :). We both enjoy that turquoise and red combo. Happy trails to you, Beth.

  11. You did such a fabulous job on this little lady!

  12. I luv watching Ms Daisy 'grow up'...


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