Friday, January 30, 2015

Finding Fabulous

airstream love


When these cold, dark, foggy days get me down, I simply have to spend time dreaming about the lazy beautiful moments of summer.  Oh, how I miss these moments.



  1. I guess these cold, gray days make us appreciate summer...or vice versa..Love the change of seasons..

  2. And we are going to have a whole bunch of Hot moments in Summer, Trailers of course blazing down the road with the wind in our face and junkin' on our mind. Hey, that should be a song. Happy sunshine days Karen.

  3. sound just like my friend, Lisa! from SPOKANE!!! I sent her a pic of something last week taken in my sunroom and she wrote me back...."do not send me any more pics of all that sunshine until may!!" I laughed and wrote her back....."Oh, and it was 75 degrees here while that sun was shining!" I heard her explode on the other side of the text messages.....
    Ya'll ALL need to come south!!!


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