Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Spring Camping

mig's 030

It won’t be long now.  We are experiencing some rather fantastic weather this February.  This picture was taken last May.  Looking forward to this campout again this year.  Would you like to come along?


  1. are you going to Mig's in May? if so, give her a B-day hug for me...
    I will see you in July, at G.C.,,, I can hardly wait...
    miss ya toots!

  2. It would be a blast Karen....Always look like you are having so much fun..I'm glad someone is having a good winter..

  3. Hi Karen! Love the name btw ! :) Thank you for visiting...You have my dream trailer! I can't imagine anything more fun! Love your blog - new follower :) xo Karen

  4. The warm weather and sunshine would sure feel good right about now!

  5. When is this an where? Looks like fun!

    1. This is near Coeur d" Alene, ID at a friend's house. She has a lovely large treed area for trailers.


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