Monday, March 16, 2015

Perfect Evening Light

sunset 004


We have had solid rain for two days and I have been loving it.  I guess it reminds me of growing up in Seattle.  I have been getting lots of rest, reading, napping, doing puzzles, drinking herbal teas….just healing my body.


  sunset 005


We haven’t seen the sun in awhile and when it broke out of the clouds, just at sunset….it was gorgeous.

 sunset 007


I wish these pictures could depict the real color and depth but it never does.


 sunset 011


My Red Twig Dogwood’s just lit up like Burning Bushes!

 sunset 014


All the while, the girls were settling down for the night, in the Chicken Mansion.


  1. What beautiful, beautiful pictures, Karen. I love the "fiery" look of those bushes. xo Diana

  2. What a wonderful world we live in!! This rain is going to be so beneficial ... already see the tree buds ready to pop open.

  3. Oh my goodness Karen, I just read your previous posts! Are you ok? Did they ever find out why you lost feeling in your limbs? Scary stuff! You better take it easy!!!!! I hope today finds you feeling better.
    Lovely photos! Shame that they never do justice to what our natural eyes see.

  4. Wow!! that light IS photographers call that the Golden Hour!! but you also have some mighty fine landscapes to catch the light on as well!
    So sorry to hear about your visit to ER..but better safe than sorry. just hope they find a diagnosis soon..that's the worst part. I just went thru similar stuff right before my trip. But as I told my dr....AIN'T NUTHIN STOPPIN ME FROM GETTING AWAY!!!! and ya know what? I've felt perfect the whole time here!! heheheheh. what does that tell ya??????
    you just need to get in that lil trailer and take off for some stress free days!!!! keep us posted

  5. You got the perfect light for sure..Hope you are feeling better..I always enjoy rainy days too..Sorta like a warm fuzzy!!

  6. What beautiful light and such wide open spaces! So glad to hear you are feeling better. Sending hugs your way. xo Karen


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