Saturday, March 28, 2015

Strutting in to Spring

spring 007 (1024x738)


My girls just turned one year old earlier this month and they love their Chicken Mansion but are very happy to be out and about now that Spring is here.  ( Can you see the Lavender in the coop?  It is a great deodorizer and kills bugs.  I love it.)


the girls 042


Annie Oakley, Belle Starr and Ms Kitty from Gunsmoke, on a walkabout.


 the girls 005


What do you have there, Mama?


  1. Your girls are just darling. Bet they are happy to see Spring arrive, too. xo Diana

  2. It was a lovely day to be outdoors for all us chicks yesterday, but oh my last night was a downpour and so windy!!! What a difference a day makes!

  3. They look like the happiest girls around!

  4. HA! I love your pretty little girls, there! I'm so happy for them, too, that it is spring!

    Resting well and taking good care, I trust,

  5. They have a great house. It is just wonderfuL. Very lucky girls.

  6. Hi Karen, I just read back and caught up with you on the last two posts I missed. I did not know you had a stroke? When? Was this recent? I am sure this knowledge has indeed put you in a funk! It would anyone. You are such an active person, and living life to the fullest is what you do. You will be feeling far better come warmer weather, when you can get out there with your other glamping sisters on the fly, and do that thing you love to do! I am so sorry to hear you are struggling with things right now. But certainly, the weather and long winter, has something to do with it. You will be in my thoughts Karen. I wish you health, happiness, and glamping. Lots of glamping!
    The "girls" are looking smashing too!
    xo Kris

  7. Happy birthday girls! Love their coop and hope to have one so swoon worthy some day. Hope you are on the mend. Best, Kim

  8. Just popping back in to say thanks for leaving me a get well message on my blog today. For some reason (blogger) I can't email you directly...xo Diana

  9. Love their house..I'll bet they are as happy for spring as we are although we are still waiting..:(

  10. I'm so in awe of your Chicken Mansion! And the girls look very content taking their Sunday stroll. Don't know if I told you but love your new blog header... what beautiful colors. I hope you are doing well... I just got done wearing a heart monitor for 2 days and got sick of it... I feel for you wearing one for an entire month. I have Afib and it sure does put a klinker in our outlook on life. We wonder.... why plan anything as we may have another (whatever it is, stroke, Afib episode, heart attack, etc.)....... so why plan? I've been in that frame of mind for awhile, but trying to bump myself out of it and look towards the future anyway. What if we are destined to live 10 more, or 20 more years, and we spent all of it worrying and wondering? I hope spring and the reawakening of earth will get many of us out of the doledrums! and I hope all of our health improves 200 fold! (I haven't been able to comment on your blog due to my using a different web browser, and wanted to comment on your post the other day, so here it is!).

  11. Your coop is still looking pretty darn amazing! My girls are now a year old too! HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet hens! xox


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