Sunday, March 29, 2015

Super Simple Sundays

maxwell 009


Sorry, this is the post you all dread, the ‘cute grandchildren post’.  This is Maxwell, age 2, who spent Friday night with me.  Can you believe those chocolate eyes?


maxwell 016


I will keep the pictures to a minimum…just three.  This one is what he thinks of Grandma K taking pictures of him. 


maxwell 017


Oh, he’s just kidding!

We had a lot of fun because the weather was wonderful on Friday.  He rode his car and we visited with the chickens, did puzzles and played games.  And I had two naps after he left…ha!  I just don’t have my energy back yet.  But it was worth all the hugs and kisses.  Did you have your grandkids this weekend?


  1. You're allowed to brag once in awhile..He's a cutie..Enjoy your day...

  2. He is getting so big! Glad you had some time to enjoy him.

  3. I did!! and I know exactly what you mean about the naps after! We now know the reason God made parents of young young themselves......cuz I cannot do it for more than 2 days in a row. My back is killing me tonight.
    Got home from trip on Wednesday and learned: 1 grandchild has double pink eye. Her sister got tonsils out on Thursday. 1 grandchild has infected spider bite. Another grandchild has croup and fever. Welcome back to sucks!!

  4. What a cutie pie!!! Grands are the best!!

  5. I never dread pictures of grandchildren. He's absolutely adorable!

  6. Maxwell is sure precious and I know how they can ticker ya' out! Thinking of you and hoping for all that energy coming your way real soon! xox


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