Thursday, March 26, 2015

Thoughts on a Thursday



It’s been a struggle this last week to wrap my head around what is happening to me.  I’ve been feeling down, stuffing my emotions and my mouth!  Having a life altering experience (like my stroke) has set me off in directions unknown.  Not a place that I handle very well.

At first, I embraced the positive aspects; being in the moment, really accepting others kindness and offers of help, their caring and good wishes…stuff that I have always blocked in the past.  Much of this was overwhelming but warmed my heart.

As much as I am concerned about another stroke, I can’t let it put my life on hold.  I need to embrace each day and make it as special, as I can.  I wont let this rule me!

I started back with half hour walks this week and I am doing ok.  I just got mad enough (Doctors not responding to my needs) to take things into my own hands.  Going back to my Naturopath, sharing my hospital tests, and hoping he can help me tomorrow….that’s my new plan.  Getting back to exercise which just simply frees my spirit…that’s my plan.  Seeing my therapist, to help heal me inside and out.  All good plans.  Oh, and I get some grand boy hugs this weekend…that is always part of any good plan!  I am on my way to healing!


  1. Oh Dear. Wishing you every blessing and will send up a prayer for you.
    Sounds like some good planning.

  2. All Right!! I know you won't let one setback stop you. You go Girl!!!

  3. Karen, I am saying a prayer for you. None of these things are easy to accept---especially when you are a person that is used to "doing" for yourself and doing for others. It is hard to be on the receiving end of things. I hope the exercise helps and gives you a true sense of well-being. xo Diana

  4. Good girl..Exercise sure won't hurt!! Medicine is a very scary thing these days..It has changed tremendously over the years..It has become too much of a business and lacks compassion and concern for the patient..Do what makes you feel better because that's what will help you most..Nobody knows you and your body like you do..All the best,

  5. Your honest self-assessment of your feelings dealing with the stroke is brave. I admire you, Karen. Hugs

  6. That's an awesome plan. The hugs will all be healing as well. Sending you hugs as well.

  7. Karen, you are in my thoughts and prayers.

  8. Bless your heart Karen! Hang in there and remember you have the power to move mountains … start with the little ones first! We are hear to cheer you on my friend! xox


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