Sunday, March 22, 2015

Super Simple Sundays

Spots 011


I’ve collected McCoy pottery for years, I just love the texture and monochromatic beauty of these detailed pieces of art.  And the color….an old time favorite.  What’s in your garden?


  1. Good Morning Karen ~ Lots going on in our garden right now. It has awaken and sending shoots up and out all over the place. But I don't see any McCoy coming up! hee hee. We got a brown McCoy ceramic piece in yesterday marked "COFFEE". It's a more modern piece, missing its lid, but would make a nice planter if you need one. Forgot what we priced it at. I'm going in tomorrow and can check it out if you're interested.

  2. I love it too. Although I do not have any, I admire it when I see it. I hope that you and I both will be feeling back to our normal selves real soon. So that we get back to living life the way we love to live it. Your Miss Daisy shall wait!!

  3. What a gorgeous picture! I'm not a gardener, but I admire other people's flowers! :)

  4. duh--- I pinned your picture and was sure I had left you a comment but I see I didn't. That is a GORGEOUS picture and I LOVE all your McCoy pieces. I wish I had some of the ones my Mom had now. Have a wonderful Sunday- xo Diana

  5. Oh yeah, I love the color! Very pretty and so springy.

  6. I collect McCoy also, and have a few of the pieces shown above, love that color it goes with everything. My daffodils are just starting to bloom - yeah. Hope you are on the mend. Best, Kim

  7. SNOW !! What a question..We're still in the 20's a night..Actually, the snow is just about gone..A few bulbs starting to come up..We're going to have a late spring if we have any at all..

  8. Don't know where Missy George lives, but we are the same here in south central Oregon.. snow this morning! yuk. I love your new blog header! Those are so pretty, and so are the flowers in your current post. My husband collects the brown "drip" McCoy... I love your blue better. Didn't know it was made in that pretty blue and that design. hum.m.m.m. will have to start looking. Our true spring won't get here until around May.... hope you are feeling better.

    1. Missy George is in there weather is very similar to ours most often...not so much this year...thank goodness. Sorry you still have snow. I am good, just fatigued...hope that goes away soon, I feel like a slug.

  9. These green pots are really wonderful! I have the similar like this one with the flowers :) planted with hyacinth.

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  10. What a beautiful collection you have Karen! Love the color! xox


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