Friday, June 12, 2015

Loving the Road

Yellowstone 007 (640x480)


Sorry I am so late in posting but several of our campsites didn’t have good internet. 


Yellowstone 011 (640x480)


Heading out to Yellowstone Park…..  Look at this wonderful quilt/tablecloth both of us lucky ladies got from our wonderful travel coordinator, Sherry.  Lucky us!  It depicts all of our camping spots.  All are embroidered and personalized. 


Yellowstone 019 (640x480)


First stop…Butte, Montana. 


Yellowstone 020 (480x640)



Yellowstone 022 (640x480)


Shanty Shack is just one of my favorite trailers and it happens to be Sherry’s. 


Yellowstone 026 (640x480)


It was hot but such a wonderful start to our journey…so exciting.  Hope to post again soon….depending on the internet connections. 



  1. Happy Trails Karen!!
    XO Kris

  2. yep, Happy Trails to you and the girls... see you in July. hugz

  3. Love your posts..Beautiful scenery and always so much color and adorable trailers..

  4. Looks like your having a wonderful time. I'm beaming myself over there for a few days!!

  5. Thanks for taking us on your journey Karen! The table runner is so adorable! Wish I was caravaning with my ButtonWillow! Awesome pics! xox

  6. Thanks for sharing. They are awesome. Enjoy!

  7. I love the quilt of all of the places. What a treat.


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