Monday, August 24, 2015

Have I got Your Attention Yet?

photo (15)



I was visiting blog land the other day and found some Sisters on the Fly, vintage trailer camping in Tennessee.


 photo (16)


Aren’t they adorable?


 photo (18)


So darn original!


860388_4399986492101_851174024_o (1)




photo (19)


I haven’t seen these trailers up close and personal but you can bet I want to… soon as possible!  So darn clever!  I am proud to be a sister in this group!


It just goes to prove….sisters are awesome woman!


 photo (17) 



 photo (21)


Look at all the cute details on this one!

 photo (22)


These sisters in Tennessee sure make me proud to be a Sister on the Fly.




  1. I so wish I had the talent to faux paint... these are just to cute!

  2. Oh Karen these are just so adorable! thanks for sharing....pinning for sure!

  3. Oh my, those are gorgeous! I luuuuv that gypsy wagon:) I think you were in Yellowstone when I posted what I'm working on - I wouldn't usually put a link in a comment, but trailers are so much fun. I can hardly wait to paint her. Still working inside.
    You and Driving Miss Daisy might just have to make a trek over to TN now huh?
    Have a beautiful Tuesday
    Have a fabulous day.

  4. They just keep on getting better..Those are amazing...very clever.Thanks for sharing..
    Love your header, BTW...

  5. Especially love the wood grain ones with the western themes. Just amazing and so unique. I can see why you want to see each and every one of them. There should be "vintage trailer" shows rather than all those classic car shows that are EVERYWHERE these days! I would much rather go see the vintage trailer likes these.

    1. Several Cabela's in WA have done this. I went to one of the first at the Cabela's at State Line, Idaho. We had a wonderful turn out!

  6. I love all of these Karen, makes me want to go out and get 10 more. You also do such a nice job in showing them off. Love Mig

  7. Oh - I am in love with all these sweet little campers! The polka dot one really makes me smile! I wonder if fortunes are really told in that great little wagon? How fun to be part of this great movement. Thanks for sharing the cuteness! xo Karen


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