Thursday, August 27, 2015

Wonderful News

In December, there will be one more tutu wearing little girl in this world!  And she will be my Grand Daughter!  The first girl born in this family in 25 years.  

I am over the moon excited!  Cute baby dresses, little tights, bows and all things pastel; cowgirl boots, baby dolls, Lego camping girls, tutus, cowgirl boots, pastels...did I mention pastels?  Yes, and I have already hit Babies 'R can tell by my bank balance!   


  1. SO jealous!! Do you think Tracey would share?

    1. Tracy would be more than happy to share. Maybe you and I could steal her away when she is a bit older!

  2. Karen, I am so happy for you!!! Welcome to the world of baby girls!!!!

  3. WOOOO HOOOOO! I am so very happy for you Karen! I bet you are over the moon! Congrats! xox

  4. Congratulations Karen..What fun you will have..There's nothing like it..

  5. Congratulations! Baby girls are just so precious! xo

  6. This is so exciting! Congratulations. Before you know it, she'll be joining you and all the Sisters on the Fly.


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