Monday, December 7, 2015

Tucking Her In For The Winter

sw dec 002


Once again, I am on the beautiful Salmon River but this time, I have a winter trailer!  Yay!  Can you tell, all I have to do to get a cup of coffee is lean forward….perfect morning cuppa of joe!


sw dec 003


Look at this view from my (new to me) trailer!  I just adore this place.  Where is it…you ask, why Swiftwater RV right down here in White Bird, ID.


 sw dec 008


It was a bit frosty this morning…but do you see it?  Yep, the sun came out.


sw dec 016 (800x600)


I was still in my PJ’s when I took this picture of the ice tear drops…so beautiful. 


sw dec 018


Ok, just one more.


 sw dec 005 (600x800)


Thanks, Anna and Duane for this beautiful place on the Salmon River, I love it here……check it out here!


  1. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Stay warm. Merry Christmas!

  2. I love it!! We're making notes on all the trailers we like because when we retire we're going to buy a trailer and use it for traveling. Can't wait!!! Thanks for sharing your adventures with us.
    Is your sweet baby a Bichon? I have a Bichon named Keeper who is 14 and goes everywhere with me, even to work!! LOVE!!
    Merry Christmas!

    1. Yes, Dash is a Bichon. Aren't they the best?

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  3. It's obvious to see why you like that pace..Gorgeous..Love your header..Nice that you can be cozy..Looks wonderful..

  4. What a cozy little bed you have made for you and your little fur-baby! And those views.....breathtaking!

  5. Is that a smile I see on Dash's face? Looks like he likes the new B.F. lifestyle...
    Oh and yep, great minds think alike,,, Glamping in December... hugz and see ya at Girl Camp...


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