Sunday, January 10, 2016

A Little R @ R

I got a very pleasant surprise on Friday...I got a visit from Kennedy, now three weeks old and Maxwell, who, of course, is three.  

I so enjoyed spending the day with these two...they are so easy.  

She is just starting to open her eyes...hard to get a picture.

A photo just outside my door...looks a bit like the ocean.

I developed a growth right near my left eye a few weeks ago and went to have it checked out as it grew fast.  Even though the Doctor didn't think it was was.  I just had all of it removed...yay, and after several stitches around my nose and upper eye lid, I am now cancer free!  

I am not a pretty sight, as I have a black eye but I can sure live with that!  Ladies please, be sure and have any irregularity checked out fast!  I am sure glad I did.

Enjoy your Sunday.


  1. Beautiful

  2. Glad you are cancer free. I have also had skin cancer. Not fun!

  3. Awesome that you found it and it is all taken care of. It looks mighty cold there. It's been raining the past week and much cooler than usual. No sun. Not a happy camper. Gorgeous grandbabies. Bet you were thrilled.

  4. Good thing that you had it checked and that you are fine! A bit scary! Darling grands!

  5. I've had 5 skin cancers..good thing to keep after for sure..Glad yours is taken care of..Your picture looks just like a beach scene..very cool...Glad you had some time with the cute..

  6. What a beauty your new one is! And how great that you jumped to check on that growth right away!! Wonderful news that it is all gone!
    Take care Karen.
    xo Kris

  7. Such precious little ones - sweet little blessings! So glad you were proactive and are on the mend! Lovely scene out your window. Hope your week is full of happy. x Karen


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