Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Fall Camping

Wanapan Dam, Vantage, WA

I am grabbing all the camping days I can before November 1st.  I'll be taking Ms. Magnolia, my Bigfoot, down to White Bird for the winter.

It's not that I won't be camping but I am trying to take advantage of Washington's State Parks Off Season Senior Pass before I head to Idaho.  What's not to like about $10 a night camping with electricity (no water, usually)?  

Heading out today for 4 nights, two by the Spokane River (close to the grands) and two at Alta Lake up North.  Never been there so it's another adventure.

Off to get a few more road miles under my belt before the snow flies.  


  1. What a view! Do you camp by yourself or do you go with 'the glamping girls'? I would love to get a little camper and take off with my 'girls' (canines). I think I want an all enclosed as opposed to pulling. Just a small one so my girls can go with me everywhere...they love going in the SUV. Have a great time, take lots of pictures and tell us all about it when you get back! Stay safe!

  2. Enjoy your trip, Karen. I hope you have safe travels and can get a few more trips in before the weather gets too bad. xo Diana

  3. Oh how much fun and what grand adventures you have! I'm so motivated by you to get our little camper done. New vents going in next week and we are in the process of tearing out alot of the paneling inside. Some areas have water damage and some are OK. Takes money which we don't have alot of. Slow process! Have fun. This fall weather is just gorgeous. Marilyn

  4. Another beautiful picture..Have a great trip..Stay safe..

  5. I love your life....and your pictures.


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