Thursday, January 14, 2010

Here it is....

As I promised...a tote giveaway. I decided not to wait until we had some sunshine to get newer pictures, as I might be waiting until spring. :D So here you go....just leave a comment and tell me what color dish cloths you would go looking for while you are in my etsy shop. You can click here for the shop ( and leave a comment below. I am trying to get a better feel for what colors will sell the best. Am I missing any? Or should I have more selection in some colors? I appreciate your comments to help improve my shop and the way things sell. I am looking for a well rounded color selection and I think I am missing some. Also should I have more sets of two or three?
The drawing will take place on Friday, Jan. 22 at 9 a m.


  1. Hi...Siobhan (clothedinscarlet) from MJF here. I love the bright kids wash cloths. I would be grabbing some up if I didn't already have a million kid sized cloths already. Also, I like the potholders a lot and I think it would be great to coordinate all of your potholders and dish towels so that people could buy both if they wanted. The pink/white striped potholders are my absolute favorite and some pink/white striped towels would be perfect for a Valentine's themed kitchen towel set.

  2. Hi Kathy,
    Your etsy shop looks great.
    I didn't see much red...I have apples in my kitchen wallpaper so I'd suggest the color of fruits, like apples.
    You could also photo your creations beside a curtain or wallpaper that it matches or coordinates with. An example is the yellow or red or rust that is in a chicken on a curtain or wallpaper.

    I have another suggestion. I see Ipod or cell phone holders all over and crocheted too. I make mine like a tiny purse that fits over the cell with a button to close it and a shoulder length strap...skinny strap. Easy to crochet and I bet you would seel some!
    I also see crochet jewelry for sale in the cataloges...I think most of them are simple chain with a bead once in a while...chain could be gold or silver yarn, or cotton.
    I hope you think about making the IPod or cell cases.
    Good luck, Linda

  3. I meant to say Karen...and the word sell instead of seel.....
    I don't know how to edit after it's been posted.. :-)

  4. LOL I was going to tell you you have to make PINK ones, but you already have those ♥ Anything with pink/white combo is so lovely, since my kitchen will also have those accent colors.

    LOVE the bag, so sunny and summery.

    Hugs from Marian/dutchy on MJF

  5. Hi Karen! I love the earthy colors! That's usually what I look for the most. But I have a friend whose favorite color is purple. Maybe a set in varying shade of purple. :)


  6. What a lovely etsy shop! I like the basic cream colored cloths, but I think maybe classic bright red and white might be a hit, as well as perhaps some deep primitive colors such as burgundy, navy, mustard. I think the washcloths look great!

  7. Hi Karen,
    Would love to be signed up for the tote.
    I like red as an accent in the kitchen.
    Nancy Jo

  8. Hi !

    Love your site and your items on etsy. Please enter me in the bag drawing!

    beekeepersgirl #691

  9. I would look for earth tones. I have a log house and they would go with my decor better.

    Thanks for having the giveaway. :o)


  10. My kitchen walls are painted med/dark sage green, and the ceiling is med/dark barn red, the accents are chickens in reds and greens, its an eat-in kitchen, so as you go there the ceiling is med.dark sage and the walls are med/dark barn red, again with the chickens. Those are the colors I look for. My daughters kitchen is black and white with bright red accents, and my D-in-Laws kitchen is in French blue and yellow. I would hope to see sets; towels, dishclothes, scrubbys that all go together. Your work is beautiful. thanks, Teresa (1badmamawolf/MJF)

  11. Karen,
    You know me.. deep purples and yellows.. or browns and creams... Lately I have been going more Chocolate brown with (cream, or purple, or yellow) accents and I really love that. Your etsy is perfect and your bags so great.. Much success.

  12. hi, i found you on MJ's farmgirl site..i love the colors in hot turquoise and brighten your day. i'm trying to decide what colors to do my kitchen in and those are both very close to what i've been tossing around. thanks for the giveaway and your generosity!
    jen (jenimurph)

  13. Hi Karen,
    Just came over from MaryJane's...I love the colors you've put together in the "A walk on the beach" trio. Blues are my favorite. White and blue together is lovely.

    Thanks for the great giveaway. I'd love to win your tote (AND it has blue in it!!!)


  14. I think you do have a good variety of colors... doing seasonal colors would be good... think of various colors for each seasons.. colors of nature.
    I am a green lover... but as an example for summer colors.. greens and purples like lilacs and pansies, or reds with green like roses or cherry trees, there are so many choices out there. Your stuff looks wonderful! Good luck!

  15. ceejay48 . . . from MJF

    Love it! Love it!!!

    I would go shopping for red things for my kitchen!!!!!

    I do cherry stuff and later in the fall I do apple stuff.


  16. Karen,
    You already have a glorious selection in your shop! If you are just asking for opinions, I always like white, and any fruity(bright) colors. I like LovelyLinda's idea too. Necklace or purse style bags for cell ph or ipods.

    Good luck beautiful!

  17. Karen,
    you know me,,,I luv them all...but my all time favorite color of anything is Green...hee hee hee.

  18. Thanks, everyone, I am loving all the suggestions and taking them to heart as we speak. I have already started on some new colors!

  19. Please sign me up for your giveaway. i love all the bags you make...


  20. You have such a lovely shop, I love all those dish rags (I know, not nice to call them rags)...but you have a lovely selection. Thanks for coming by my blog, I just love your bag. I think you have great taste in color. Can I blog about this?

  21. You already have a great amount in your store, I'll suggest more red and multicoloured, I like to use red for my kitchen, red and white it's a good mix

  22. I love your Sage collection of Wash Cloths...Also the Hot Red..Those are the two colors in my kitchen...You have such beautiful items in your shop...Love that Bag, you do beautiful work...I would like to see some in Burgundy Shades...

  23. For myself I would choose a dark blue or a red. But I would buy other colors for gifts. Also, maybe a set of potholders & cloths would be a good idea.

  24. The bag is lovely Karen. What a sweet giveaway. And great of you to donate to the Red Cross. If everyone does something it really will help so much.

  25. I like all of the earth tones. Your shop looks great!

  26. You have a very lovely selection in your shop. Guess most of the comments covered all the colors :-) Thanks for such a great giveaway. And thank you for entering me.

  27. I love the ones with multiple colors in them :) I love anything green or yellow or red (the colors in my kitchen LOL!)
    Also, I saw the swiffer covers. I think those are great, but I would want those in dark colors. that way they wouldn't look so gross so quickly. Awesome store!

  28. Most definitely like earth tones, sage greens, barn reds, and mustard yellows.

  29. I like blue's and rose and bright colors for Spring, like a spring bouquet. I would like Spring colors in a set of 3, with matching scrubbies! Love your site! God bless and good luck, and thanks so much for the drawing. The tote is Awesome!!!

  30. Hi, etsy site is awesome! I love "tuscan" colors, soft earthy tones. I think your totes are great. I came over from MJF, too!

  31. I think you have a great handle on what is popular. I tend to go for the greens/golds/rusts for my kitchen...tuscan colors. I'd keep your bundles to 3 for a nice variety. Variegated yarn goes well for multi colored rooms too. I tend to want the deeper colors so 'dirt' doesn't stain so soon as light colored ones...or is my household the only one that dirties things???? Love the tote!

  32. Hi Karen,
    I love your totes. A give away is wonderful. Thank yo so much. for your I just love sunshine is such a warm color... Washing dishes is not one of my favorite chores. Which I am sure am not alone on that one...:) Been doing it for almost 50 years now, hate to think how many dishes have been washed so far...or how many dish clothes.
    The color yellow reminds me of sunshine. Here in the Pacific Northwest we need all the sunshine we can find LOL.
    Combinations of Blues & Yellows are great. I don’t really see any thing you do not have. You do really great putting the colors together. I love your Country Time colors, The sunny days trio, did brighten up my day too.
    What about Seahawk colors just a thought. Anything John Deere combinations is great for the Farmgirls or the guys do dishes & clean up the kitchen. My kitchen is all JD. Green, Yellow & white. It works for Hubby... Maybe Patriotic colors Red, white & blue... Great gift ideas for our military people.
    Your dish cloths would be a great gift idea to send in care packages to our service people overseas. They really are great wash clothes too. I love to use them for washing my face. Very durable. You have so many wonderful items in your store. Keep up the great work.
    Hugs, Grace

  33. I can't really decide - it's a toss up between the Country Time colors and the Sunny Yellow and White. Both are gorgeous and would make my kitchen gorgeous, too (and believe me, it needs it).

    KayB (from MJF)

  34. I like the "cheerful" group best of what is there. I love bright cobalt blue for any occassion--there is no more cheerful color in the world in my opinion. In fact, the blue on your bag is quite lovely.

  35. Love anything blue or blue and cream. All your totes and lovely.

  36. Hi :)
    I really enjoy your etsy shop.
    I am a neutral earth tone kinda girls but I really liked the bright colors!
    I'd say you have got things covered nicely

  37. Hi Karen, you have a great etsy shop. My favorite color is green and I like the ones made with varigated yarn. Also like the kid's ones with the trim around the edges.


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