Thursday, September 4, 2008

Another remodeling project!

Sorry I have been gone a few days but I hurt my back moving the computer. It is still not good but I go to the chiropractor this morn. Tracy, Malachi and I were standing in the office and we decided to tear down the old paneling and remove the 1950's wallpaper. We have most of the paper off three walls and discovered that the fourth wall is sheetrock backwards with the wallpaper on top of that. No way is that coming off properly. So off to get one quarter inch sheetrock to cover that. She is making a dump run with the leftover carpet from upstairs, paneling and scraps of wallpaper. I am taking care of my body but will help her clean off the old powdered paint (house is 101 years old) and patch the rest of the plaster walls. There are age cracks and nail holes but it's not too bad. Then we will texture the ceiling and prime and paint. But the dust! Must move the computer out of here as the sanding will be very messy!
I love having a new sewing room but with this sudden remodel it looks like it will be another week or so before I get back to it. I want to post new pics of totes and my new rooms as soon as I am feeling better.

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