Saturday, September 6, 2008

The sheetrock is wet!

It was almost 11 pm and I was trying to sleep but I thought I heard water hitting my window. How could that be, the sprinklers don't come on until 3:30 am (this is me half asleep!). Oh, no, it's raining and the sheetrock is sticking out the end of the truck getting wet! So off I go in my PJ's to move the truck under the garage door. Now my truck is a Toyota T100 so it is not real small and my garage doors are narrow. It's dark and there is rain all over the rear view mirrors. I am thinking I am going to hit the new metal siding on the garage if I am not careful. I usually push the side mirrors in as it is so tight. I can't do that or I won't see a thing. So I just need to get this bugger backed in just a couple of feet. I did it! The sheetrock is very wet as it must have been raining for while. I dry it off as best I can and open up the strips that hold the four sheets together and plop a few articles ( a paint brush (dry), a rolled up piece of cardboard, a paint stir stick, and a garden knee pad) in between the sheets so they will dry and hope that will work. I just checked and everything looks dry already. The paper on the back of the sheetrock was raised up a bit but it is just fine. Now if my back was ok I could hang this stuff today. Darn. The sun is shining and it looks like it will be a gorgeous day! Off to take a tub and maybe the back will feel better. The picture is my office before.

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