Monday, September 1, 2008

Oh no!

My computer crashed, it got a bad virus and is in the hospital and may not recover. I sure hope it does as it is only a couple of years old. I never knew I was so addicted, I am having withdrawal symptoms! I was downloading HP health dr. updates which I have not done in the past and about 80% of the way through my computer kept telling me it had a critical problem and needed to restart and it did and it did and it did! It never stopped. I could not get in and do anything because it was so quick. A friend was able to save my digital pictures, thank heavens. So last night the withdrawal got severe so I dragged out the old computer and hooked it up with some help from my DSL. So here I am.
I am back to sewing and loving my new upstairs. I need to hang stuff up on the walls, although, I hate to mar the new walls. I found a piece of fabric I got in Hawaii several years ago and it is perfect for some drapes in the sewing room. It is a large floral in beautiful colors, matches the walls too. I made two totes and several eyeglass cases yesterday. I'll post pics of some of this stuff later.

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