Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Just a few things hanging around the house

I love to collect old things, found things, odd ball things, any kind of thing really. When I first moved here I couldn't wait to check out the ground around the old torn down barn out back. Over the years I had picked up a few things here and there that looked as if they belonged to a farm. So my plan was to add to this collection so I could make a wall arrangement that said 'I live on a farm' and make it personal. One of the first things I found was the round flue damper(far left bottom) for an old wood stove of which this house had two. The flue cover is still on the wall in the kitchen and I sanded down the burned flooring in the upstairs bath where the other stove heated the upstairs. The second thing I found also belonged to a wood stove, the plate handle on the bottom right. It grabbed the round plate and moved it aside so you could add wood or paper to keep the fire going under the plate to keep the food hot. ( Just going back to my kid day memories, not that I'm that old. Just remember staying at our cabin.) But now I am old enough to forget if that hay hook was from here or not. However, this is definitely hay country. As a matter of fact, I still get alfalfa off my land. I had collected the scycles because they reminded me of the time my father handed me and my brother, Brian a scycle and told us to mow down the parking strip which was dead bone dry and about a foot high, if memory serves me right. We wacked and wacked and wacked some more and nothing happened. It was hot and nasty work and we got nowhere until a kindly neighbor felt sorry for us and offered help in the form of modern equipment. So lesson learned, sometimes the old fashioned way isn't always the best. Ha. But I still love to look at them. Maybe not always use them.


  1. Hi...I'm from Malaysia. You're very creative.Pity, I'm not that kind of person. But I love cooking though. Have a nice day.


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