Monday, October 6, 2008

Antique store find

I think this is a beer bottle capper. I just love the color and it is headed for the kitchen, of course. Just some more kitchen art. I got a good haul and the prices were very reasonable. The store had just taken on two estates with about 400 pieces so I could find more later.


  1. Well see, now you can brew your own beer!
    Hey I wish I could sew like you. Those bags are beautiful.

  2. Karen, I was jus' wondering about the mesh-like material you use. Is that the same kind as you use in screendoors? SILLY me, I know. But it Looks like it, lol.

    I have bought cute material for a bag, and will start as soon as i have some spare time, lol.

  3. PS I LOVE your new one on MJF!!SO pretty

  4. Marian, it is screen material. I don't know if you can find colors over there but black seems to work with most everything. They say it is pet mesh. Used to keep pets inside an enclosed area. It is all vinyl. Have fun with the purse. kpaints

  5. bet you could use that bottle capper for making and capping your own home made root beer and ginger beer and home made sodas.


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