Monday, January 19, 2009

A Step Back in Time

How fun is this? It is truly a step back in time, all the way to the 40's and 50's. These wonderful examples of the past are in the present at my daughter, Tracy and Malachi's new house. I already removed one layer of wallpaper from this lavender room (office) and there is still one more under this one. All laid on unprimed sheet rock and utterly unmoveable. So I primed it and we will texture a bit over that and it will be good to go.
The yellow number is in the hall closet as well as the built in chest.
We got a lot done in the last three days. Some painting, carpet and wallpaper removal, tack strips gone, some fireplace brick removed and furniture, etc. moved in. There was a total crew on Saturday of nine. So the moving got done real fast.
They ran a load in the dishwasher on Sunday night and found the basement flooded. Welcome to home ownership! Bummer. Guess the roto rooter will be a welcome guest on Monday. Hope nothing got damaged.


  1. hey Karen,
    don't laugh, but I LUV that mid-century 1940's-50's tropical wall paper.....I know, I am stuck in a time warp! lol!

  2. So does my daughter, Tracy, she is keeping it, so you can see it another time. :) Time warps are good, if only we could stay young there!

  3. Boy you got a real project going there. But I bet it will be really nice when finished. As to the post below, always keep what you love. Thats not clutter.
    Glad you like the transfers. I have lots if you want more let me know. I love the iron on ones, I'm not good at tracing.
    Nancy Jo


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