Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I just love flowers. I especially miss them when Spring takes forever to come and this is one of those Springs. We have a pretty day (not all that warm) and then it is followed by a week of crummy weather. Can't win for losing. I was able to plant a few items, mostly stargazer lilies and alyssum, in next to the back door garden space. Then I attacked the two raised beds out by the garage. I lost all my roses this winter so I tore those out and some iris'. With all this new found room I am going to plant some tomatoes and squash. I wanted to plant the rest of my annuals but it is just too darn cold. I am so glad I waited as we are to have 30 mph winds and rain today. Ugh!


  1. Pretty arrangement!

    How's my purse? LOL

  2. Oh, you bugger! I was hoping you would forget it. I love it too you know....


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