Monday, May 4, 2009

A work in progress

I am working on a quilted wall hanging. I have made a couple of quilt projects before but they were random designs, this one is different. This is the real McCoy (hummm, wonder where that saying came from). And with all the angles this can get confusing when you are trying to put it together. Luckily, there are not too many of these squares in this quilt, only nine and three will have pictures in the centers so that will save some confusion. However, by that time I am sure I will have the system down pat. Not going to say who this is for and you might guess the reason...


  1. Karen,
    You are just so handy with that needle. I really do need to do more of that kind of work, or at least try.
    How is that really cute little trailer coming along? A play house all of your own when its done, how exciting.

  2. Actually, I do not have it yet. It needs a bunch of stuff so it can get driven over here. My future sil said he would tow it over for me in about two weekends. Busy weekend coming up.

  3. Looking good, I love star blocks, and you've got some great fabrics!

  4. How funny...My X-husband's name is McCoy!!!! LOL

    I really like this quilt design and especially the colors...great work, Karen.

  5. hmmm, cute quilt for your cute trailer...
    see ya on Saturday.


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