Sunday, November 15, 2009

First day at Duba Plains

The terrain here is more brushy and dense. And look at all the sand! This is the southern most tip of the Sahara Desert. (Believe me this is one big desert, I saw it on the plane home and it went on forever! And in most of it not even a bush, animal or water. Nothing.)
And after unloading from the tiny plane we must cross this into camp! It was a bit scary. Will it hold the landrover and four people? This is just the first one of these buggers!
After telling you that this is the southern most tip of the Sahara, you are probably wondering where this water came from. We were informed that they had THE 40 year rains this last year and there was lots of water still left. So we were about to see many more birds and other aquatic life.

And just to prove this, I took this picture outside my tent when I arrived. I had a lovely view from my 'room' and saw lots of wildlife. I will share pics with you later. We went right off on Safari so you will see some of those fabulous pics tomorrow. Stay tuned for the elusive lion.....

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