Sunday, November 15, 2009

Working on my UFO's

I am working on cleaning out my fabric stash, not an easy task as I have had a very busy summer. Ok, here comes the truth, I believe I started making Christmas stockings in 1999 and completed some for the grandchildren. I then started these shortly after, completed the one on the right and used it for myself. Ten years later I have a new grandson, so I am finishing one more of these. Luckily, I had fabric and even the stocking pattern with fabric and stuffing already cut out. So I will finish quilting and be done. I love this Debbie Mumm fabric so much and I have enough left over to make Grayson a small quilt. It is a Noah's Ark pattern for Christmas.....what the heck, it can be Christmas all year round when you're little! :D
And this is another UFO, my Thanksgiving napkins. These were started last Thanksgiving Day, yes, Day! I got three done during all the cooking that day but here it is Thanksgiving again! Needless to say I got them done. I noticed several ladies on different blogs striving to complete some of their UFO's by January and I decided to join in. I am also working on some Christmas gifts so you will not see everything I am getting done (family peeks here). I am hoping to complete these UFO's and get started on some quilts. So excited about something new!!
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  1. Oh Thank Goodness, I am not the only one who takes a couple of years to stitch up napkins &!
    I have a felt stocking that I cut out about 4-5 years ago & stil have not gotten arou nd to stitching it!
    We are such Birds of a Feather! lol!

  2. Just finished reading all your posts since the first of the month since it's been so hectic I didn't get much of a chance to read with all the packing.

    I love the Africa adventure!

    Your crafts will get done....better late than never..right?

  3. Thanks ladies! The trip was a chance of a lifetime and I am sure glad I took the opportunity. It was totally unbelivable! I will never forget it.
    Now back to reality...and those UFO's!


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