Thursday, November 19, 2009

More excitement

Return to camp after an incredible Safari Day! Below you will see what we saw after the lioness.
Just after we were no longer able to see properly, I caught this picture as we headed home to camp.

It's's a leopard! This is a very rare siteing indeed. It is dusk and I wasn't able to see for long but I was able to get a few pictures. He was not real cooperative and did not want to pose. We had stopped to view an extremely large herd of buffalo when we got the news that someone had seen the leopard. We went flying off right in the middle of the herd, they were running every which way. The dust was flying and all I could see was some wild west pictures coming out of this wild herd!! I were hanging on for dear life as I did not want to fall out of the landrover in the midst of all those buffalo! To this day I have those wild buffalo pictures in my head. It was a wild and memorible ride.
At the beginning of the trip all Kevin and Kurt could talk about was the 'cats'. So we had seen our cats, basically all in one day! It was overwhelming.

Click on the pictures for a larger view and you may leave a comment below, thanks.


  1. What wonderful pictures..and what a great way to spend the day....


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