Friday, November 20, 2009

What I loved about Africa is that no matter where you went you would run into some wild animal. We would leave camp about 6:30 every morning after a breakfast snack. We were usually out until about 11:30, returning to clean up and have lunch. By this time, it was at least 100 and soon to be hotter. So it was siesta time! It was just too darn hot to do anything else. Tea was at 3:30 (some British influence here) and then off to Safari until about 7 pm when we would return for dinner and conversation with about 10-15 others. What fun we had!
We startled these two hippos just after we started our morning drive.

These are Wattled Cranes, just beautiful!

I was able to find a list of some of the most common birds in the bathroom! The Wattled Crane is in the middle. You can click on the picture for more detail.

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