Saturday, January 2, 2010

Crazy, Incredible 2009

June: My beautiful Granddaughter, Mercedes, age 18, graduates from high school. Seen here with her brother Austin, age 16.
August 16: My nephew, Jesse married Julianne in Portland, Oregon on the Columbia River.

August 28: My daughter Tracy is wed to her grade school sweetheart, Malachi in Spokane.

April 13: Tracy and Malachi become proud parents to Grayson. With my other grandchildren in their late teens, it is wonderful to get another chance to love on a little one.

September: A chance of a lifetime, a trip to Africa becomes a reality for me.


  1. love love love the pic of the baby in the box

  2. Thanks, ladies! So many special moments, even though some of it was stressful.

  3. You had a blessed 2009. May your next year be just as wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing all your pics from Africa. I would so love to get there some day....but I don't think that will happen. So, I can live vicariously through your pictures!

    Happy New Year, friend.


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