Sunday, January 3, 2010


These are the treasures I got while I was in Africa.

The fabrics I got in South Africa and they were made in Mali on the coast. They are a heavy rough fabric made of cotton, hand woven, hand dyed and hand painted, then the strips are sewn together to form a wall hanging or throw.

This painting is my favorite. After arriving in South Africa, one of our first adventures was to head to a winery. When we arrived the 'boys' tended to their wine tasting and I checked out all the paintings. I fell in love with this artist's work. There were two small paintings that were very pricey and one very large one that was not even priced. I loved them at first sight but felt they were out of my budget.
Later in the day, while still visiting wineries, we stopped in a small town, Franschhoek, to check out the shops. We went into an art gallery and low and behold, there were two more paintings by the same artist. It was meant to be! I just could not pass this up and bought it as a present 'for me'! I won't tell you what it cost to ship it home but when I got the credit card statement, the painting was less than I thought. I so feel better now! It is hanging in my dining room and as you can see, I am quite the decorator as they match perfectly.


  1. Love the earthy colors on this painting. As you said, its perfect over the wall color. How big is it? You have such a good eye for color. Love, S

  2. Thanks, Sharon. It is about 36" by 24". I do indeed love it. One would think I like modern but when you see my house (and you will) you'll see I like all types of art.

  3. hey "K",
    LUV that painting....

    oh & speaking of "Flakes" (wink wink) let's plan a girls nite out, for the end of Jan. We'll gather all the gals up & maybe have an "ugly gift" swap! lol!


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