Friday, January 29, 2010

Finders, Keepers

I was rooting around in my sewing room attic and found a box of linens my mother had given me years ago. I was looking for things to post in my store.
And look what I found.....after looking at it for some time, I decided I might keep this after all. I have a vintage 1959 Aljo trailer I am refurbishing, if winter ever gets over, and I think this would look great on a picnic table outside my trailer. It is a very beautiful design and would nearly match the exterior colors on my trailer. I say Finders, Keepers.


  1. I love that color and pattern and I don't even sew!

    Hey, I really enjoyd the time travel ...what fun!

  2. Yes keep that piece of is beautiful and I think it would work great for your Trailer....

  3. I am starting to think I might need a chandalier for that trailer....hummm

  4. I love that vintage fabric.....

  5. OMG! this sweet table linen is PERFECT for your Aljo!
    Keep it girl, Keep It!


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