Sunday, January 31, 2010

Romantic Glamping

Doesn't this look cute? Unfortunately, my vintage trailer is no where near ready for this. Darn it! Can't you just see a vintage trailer all decked out for the holidays? Little twinkling lights around the door and windows... But there is a downside to this and the reason for the purple colored type. I would definately be purple trying to stay in any vintage trailer in the winter! lol I spent some time staying in a camper a few years ago with a friend who was hunting and it was darn cold! Ever gone camping in the winter?

1 comment:

  1. nope, no Winter Snow camping for me...I'm ok w/Spring & Fall but when that white stuff starts coming down I want to be snuggled in my home w/the fireplace roaring! lol!
    Ok, girl we need to get cracking on that trailer of yours so you can start Glampin"...


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