Monday, January 4, 2010

This and that

I've been dying to start this quilted wall hanging for a couple months. I told myself I had to get the UFO's done and then the Christmas gifts. So I just started this and since I am a brand new quilter, I decided to go with a pattern. I wanted to learn the real way to go about quilting.
I had no trouble picking out the fabric but choosing a pattern was totally overwhelming. How do you ever chose just one? All that looking just puts more quilts on your list, as there are so many possibilities, so many patterns, so much fabric.... Help! I think I am hooked on quilting and I haven't even made a true quilt (one from a pattern). What is to become of me? :D
I must tell you the pattern I chose was not a good choice for a beginner. Not that it is difficult but that this author takes for granted that you know how to do all those quilty things. She may not have written many patterns either, as it was so confusing I had to seek help from a fabulous quilter at the local fabric store and even she had trouble. So, the fun part, putting all the different pieces together was done by the way she had you cut them. So I was not able to make as many choices on this that I would have liked. Once she has you with the blocks all sewn together she just says, add borders, layer and quilt..... She just dropped me in never never land. How do you add the borders....etc. Very frustrating. So I now own, Quilt with confidence by Nancy Zieman. A good quilting book, I am told.

Here is my first block of my wall hanging, which will measure 70 by 70. It is suppose to be a throw and I may use it that way as well.
I have wanted to post this picture for sometime. This is my friend Lori, we met in 1965 in Wenatchee and have only seen each other one time since the 60's. I was perched on a makeup chair at Nordstrom's on my daughter, Tracy's wedding day getting my makeup done when she walked by and said, "Karen?'. What a wonderful surprise! She even came to the wedding that night! We have been able to get together a few times but our New Years resolution is to get together much more, right Lori? I can't wait. How many people get another chance to renew a relationship after 45 years?


  1. Your first block looks the color choices...How nice to meet a friend again and be able to catch up on all the time you've missed...Happy New Year, have fun with you Beautiful Wall Hanging...


"Life is a big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it you can." Danny Kaye

So throw some paint at me!! Thanks and come back soon! :)