Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Orchid blooms

Three or four years ago I got interested in orchids. I saw them at Trader Joes's and the price was right so I bought my first one. I was amazed that I could grow them here in eastern Washington but they have done fairly well. I have these blooming now. What is so neat about them, other than their beauty, is the length of time they bloom, several months at a time. They stay in my office mostly, where it is pretty warm, 70 during the day and 58- at night. And they seem to like it. Don't you agree?


  1. Karen,
    I wish you could come and play too. I would sit you right down at my sewing machine as soon as you got here. HA.
    The orchid is really pretty. They are hard to grow, but it looks like you have the touch.
    Nancy Jo

  2. Nancy Jo you make me laugh! Yes, it would be a lot of fun and I would love to make you anything, you like aprons, right?

  3. When did you move to western Washington? hee hee, S

  4. Oh, Sharon you caught me!!!! lol lol Oh, my goodness, I have really lost it now...what will I do? I do indeed live in EASTERN Washington. :D

  5. Your Orchids are so beautiful..I have always thought I would like some but two things stop me..One is my Biggest Cat she likes to eat flowers and two I can kill Silk Flowers...the only flowers I have any luck with are outdoors...


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