Saturday, February 27, 2010

She's coming together.....

Yesterday, my MaryJane's Farmgirl friend, Sharon (BobbinRobin) and I went into Spokane to find one more fabric for my Trailer Trash quilt. I ended up with three, but aren't they the best? The tiny red print, at the top, is going to border each block and the Nile Green dot called Posies Galore by Bev Proulx by Henry Glass,will be my binding. I am so excited! Sharon picked out the sweet little red print by Susie Osburn for Blank Quilting and it looks so good, it gives me the really vintage 30's-40's look I wanted. The bright red daisy is called monaluna by Robert Kaufman and it will make another windmill block for me.
I have been asked to post pics of Trailer you can see why she is called TT.

She is terribly sad. She sat unused for many years and found a new home with me last May. I started the demo but many family events got in the way, so she is sitting in the cold (tarped) but exposed in her nakedness. I tore off the back and side to replace rotted wood, removed the cabinets, paneling, bed form and seat areas. She is essentially gutted. There was a lot of dry rot so I needed to get to her when the weather improves, I will be able to get back to her. Hope to have my TT quilt done by then so I can give her all the love she needs.

If you want to see some of the demo posts, check back in May of 2009. The search engine for my blog above doe not seem to work so I will try and fix that for you.


  1. hey Karen,
    our "girls" really are twins!!! as they are both 'butt naked & waiting for their 'face lifts'!
    I'll probablly get my quilt made for GVR before she is finished! lol!
    Off to Spk. today,,,errands, errands, errands & if I am lucky a side trip to Harbor Freight & maybe the G.W & V.V. in Spk.Valley!

  2. I heart those fabrics! But I'm not buying any fabric anymore, except at the thrift. Happy me: found several pieces today at Sal Army & church thrift. Isn't it fun??

  3. Love these blocks and the fabrics are just perfect. I also love the's going to be a treasure!
    Take care,


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