Thursday, February 25, 2010

Oh, Oh

Look what I found while thrifting today...I never buy furniture but who could resist the cheap price ($14). I don't know what I will do with it but I can refinish it or paint it. It has pretty cool metal bands on the legs and I love the lion embellishments! Oh, and by the way, the dust was free.

And isn't this the cutest? I have been looking at these for a long time and when I saw this one, she said, "I'm the one!" and I agreed. She has the mirror and the inside is perfect. I plan to use her in Trailer Trash (1959 Aljo) if she ever gets done.

And how cute is this little guy? I already have two that I am putting in Trailer Trash so this one is going in my shop tonight.

This little silver bucket looks like it wants to be a part of my special project. I have been collecting small silver bowls, and silverware for a long time as I want to make some wind chimes. This will look wonderful in one of them.


  1. Love the thrifting! The table is quite cool -- I can imagine it in white, perhaps. And the vintage suitcase (train case?) is a real find. All in all, fun fun fun.

  2. Wahooo, Wahooo & wahoooo.....did I mention Wahoooo?
    and just where did 'we' go to find all this good dtuff?

  3. Nothing better than free dust...ha!! What a nice purchases....

  4. Why Katmom, would I sense a bit of jealousy? :D Why at OUR fav place VV! I had to get a B vitamin shot near by and sooo.....

  5. Ah Ha! you've been sneaking around behind my back! lolololol!
    ok, I so need to get over there! can't let you be the only one with the great finds!

  6. Love the end table. You always find the neatest stuff. I need to make a trip back up there just to go thrifting.


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