Monday, March 29, 2010

MaryJane's Farmgirls on the loose again....

Yep, we did a thrift day again, last Friday. It was so fun, we went to an antique mart with lots of booths and lots of choices. And a lot of trouble....I did real good with the help of Grace, (Katmom), she found this little lamp for my 'Trailer Trash'. I just love it and it suits the 1930's Mexican theme I will have going, if I ever get TT done!
Check out the adorable Mexican themed tablecloth! Amanda (Firemama) spotted this one for me. I have been looking for the towels like this but I love this even more and it was very inexpensive, the same price as a towel would have been. It is nice and heavy and super clean. Can wait to use it in the trailer.
This was my 'real deal', $1, yes it was $1!!! It's old and believe it or not, it's a hand painted tile. I might use this in TT also, otherwise, it goes in my shop.

And that crock was another super find and was only $6.50! It is a tall one and in super good condition. Love the bright colors, it fits in my kitchen really well. And do you notice, it has yellow in it and I even brought it home! I am starting to allow yellow in my life, why not, I think it's pretty.


  1. Oh what fun!! Wish you all weren't so dang far away... I would go with you...right up my alley!! Great finds.

  2. What great things you got...I love "junk" shopping you always find such wonderful things...Love the large Crock...That would look great in my kitchen...Great price too..

  3. Yep, we did have a great time didn't we?

  4. Hiiya, this is Dutchy on MJF. I can't seem to enter MJF!! Do you know if there is work in progress?? Or it might be me duh.

    Love and hugs from Marian aka dutchy ♥


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